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From the moment you engage Northlight Partners, one thing is clear: we are committed to listening and understand- ing your point of view, identifying critical business challenges that inhibit your success, understanding how you see competitors’ threats, analyzing how the  ever-changing business environment impacts your business, determining how your business and its people may have to change as well as comprehending how you may wish to explore and expand into new  market opportunities.  We are ready to help you with all of your business needs.  Please call us at 312.404.0006 or Info–AT–northlightpartners-DOT-com.

Financial & Operations Consulting

Northlight Partners work with clients to solve real world financial and operational issues that are hindering growth. From efficiency audits, financial and operating reviews, IT systems consulting to long range personnel needs analysis, we tailor our solutions to the clients needs and focus our considerable experience to accelerate their corporate growth.  It is important that all your operating gears be turning in the same direction as you move your company forward.  We specialize in assessing and enhancing your financial operations through to ensure your infrastructure is ready for growth and driving profits out of your logistics and freight areas.

Corporate Growth Strategies

Having a clear and comprehensive strategic growth plan is critical to the success of any organization. Every action your company takes needs to fit one of the strategic objectives which will ultimately help you achieve your long term mission.   Northlight Partners works closely with key stakeholders to explore the strengths and weaknesses of your business, identify key company opportunities with strong ROI, and create detailed action plans to meet each objective. We tailor our solutions to the clients needs and focus our considerable experience to accelerate their corporate growth.

M&A Advisory

Northlight Partners offer comprehensive acquisition advisory and search services to companies seeking to grow through business acquisitions, strategic partnerships and joint ventures. With more than 65 acquisitions completed, the Northlight Partners team is experienced in negotiating and structuring deals. In addition, the team  is able to leverage an extensive base of industry contacts and knowledge to effectively manage your growth program.