Northlight Partners LLC is a growth consulting and accounting firm specializing in Strategic Growth, Financial Operations, Capital Raising services, Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services, and Corporate Development.  In addition, Northlight Partners is a private equity and social impact investor, and develops new retail concepts & brands and internet website networks. Northlight Partners has expertise and resources across brand marketing, product development, sales, logistics, supply chain and sourcing to help drive growth.  Northlight Partners is developing a number of new retail product brands in the lifestyle, holiday and home products and has  a new product development team to manage this opportunity.


Established in 1999, Northlight Partners’ consulting arm services the middle market segment catering to businesses between $1 and $100 million in annual revenues and our personnel have over 20 years of practical experience as investors, advisors and deal makers helping companies to grow through business acquisitions, strategic partnerships, driving logistics and freight needs,  and corporate development programs.  In addition, Northlight Partners acts as a principal in some investments.    As former senior executives of successful growth companies that grew a total of more than $500 million in revenues, we are able to offer our client base practical advice based on real world experience and knowledge. Northlight has a broad range of market knowledge and has an extensive network of contacts with strategic buyers, private equity groups, individual investors and other buyers seeking a market presence in the United States.


Social Impact Investors

Northlight Partners also operates as an impact investment firm that invests as a principal, as well as manages and advises social enterprises, SMEs and social impact funds.   Northlight Partners supports businesses that are committed to generating positive, sustainable and demonstrable social and environmental impact while complying with a commercial imperative.     Based in Denver, with broad experience in Africa and Asia, Northlight Partners is ideally suited to advise investors and to the emerging economies that are home to many of the most exciting socially entrepreneurial investment opportunities.